House makeover

May 04, 2011 17:53

It is going on almost a year since the kitchen remodel. So I guess it was time to do something else on the house. Not so dramatic a disruption, but a pretty spectacular change. We got tired of the fake beams on the house. Besides they were coming down. We also decided to change the garage window treatment.

But the biggest difference is in the colors. The old scheme was a white house with brown trim. The fascia boards were dark brown, the front door, garage door, and garage window treatment a lighter shade. Since we were going to make major cosmetic changes the whole thing was going to need to be painted. Susan has wanted a blue house for a while, so now the house is blue with white trim, windows, and doors.

Oh, and finally when it was all done we realized how ratty the front porch light was. We replaced it with a nautical lantern theme. We did the same for the light by the garage back door.