We have counter tops!

July 12, 2010 20:05 | Categories:

Today, more or less on schedule, we got our counter tops installed. By "more or less" I am referring to the time today. Originally the installers were due between noon and four pm. Then last Thursday the office called and asked to move the install up to between nine and noon. No problem.


But wait. Friday we got a “courtesy” call reminding of the install being between noon and four! Then this morning I got a call saying the installers were running a bit behind. When I asked when they might be coming, she said “well, it is still between noon and four, but they will call a half hour before they arrive.”.

They came just before two. No phone call..

The install went well and everything looks beautiful. Oh, one other thing the office did for me. They said that we should wait 24 hours before the sink was plumbed so that the seal would have time to set up. Seems that is for under the counter sinks. Ours is a drop in, so the counter people did not install it. Oh well, what is one more day waiting for a new kitchen.