QTRgui is a front end to Roy Harrington's QuadToneRIP for Windows (www.quadtonerip.com). You can set all the QuadToneRIP options from the QTRgui Window. Use File/Select Image to select the picture you want to print. The print button prints it. You can also drag a file to the program window or to a shortcut to the program and it will be printed. Or you can set QTRgui to monitor a folder and print all TIFF files that are placed in the folder.

QTRgui will remember your QTR settings between uses. You can also save "preset curve sets" and re-load them later. This makes it easy to have and use several favorite curve settings.

The best source of information on and about QuadToneRIP and QTRgui is the Digital Black and White forum:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DigitalBlackandWhiteThePrint and the QuadToneRIP forum: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/QuadtoneRIP

Having trouble with QuadToneRIP? Try removing all vestiges of older versions to be sure you are operating on a clean slate. Download and run QTRCleanout. This program will search out all copies of QuadToneRIP and uninstall them from your system. After running this cleanout, reinstall QuadToneRIP.

QTRgui is incorporated in the QuadToneRIP installation available from Roy Harrington's download page.

QTRgui version